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SATURDAY, DECEMBER 14, 2013 / AMA, Ahmedabad


Next gen entrepreneurs create global, scalable businesses which leverage technology and innovations that involve one or more of the following

  • to create new products or services
  • to radically alter performance of existing products/services
  • to significantly reduce costs by frugal innovations

Further, such next gen entrepreneurs need to be on vigil to spot trends and technologies which would offer such opportunities. In India, we do not have structured opportunities for people with a "nose" to sniff out such things. Hence, the need to create a platform for people to meet, interact and immerse themselves in the future of possibilities, to enable them to proactively create it and allow for mingling of experts from many fields with curiosity and interests in other areas in a multidisciplinary environment.

icreate's annual conference "whatnext" on emerging technologies and trend is aimed to fill such needs. It is expected that over a period of time, this conference would emerge as a flagship icreate event to discover emerging trends and possible entrepreneurial opportunities.

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Dr. Jacques has expertise in Business Technology and is a leader in the Media and Entertainment, Corporate Finance, and Strategy practices. He also co-leads the Digital Economy Initiative, a recently launched McKinsey knowledge program.

Since joining the firm in 1992, he has been based in Amsterdam, London, Montreal, New York, and Toronto, working primarily on media and interactive entertainment topics. Recent work has included assisting public broadcasters worldwide to redesign their strategic mission and operations, helping create the bid for a digital license for three major international media consortia, leading a significant reorganization and performance program for a pan-European pay TV operator, developing a complete classified strategy for a European newspaper, and assessing a content-syndication opportunity for a major pan-European print conglomerate.

Among other initiatives, Jacques helped launch several new magazine titles in Southern Europe, developed an aggressive smart-card and SMS strategy for digital TV platforms, and created a partnership hybrid model for digital video and audio broadcasting for a global mobile player.

As well as being the author of numerous publications, Jacques is a frequent speaker at conferences and universities worldwide on a range of media issues. He is a fellow of the Aspen Institute as well as of ECORE, a think tank on economic policy in Belgium, and a fellow in Applied Economics at KUL University. He co-leads the McKinsey Advisory Board on media management at INSEAD.

Amongst several of his published works are: "Measuring the full impact of digital capital," McKinsey Quarterly, July 2013, "Ten IT-enabled business trends for the decade ahead," McKinsey Quarterly, May 2013, "Online and upcoming: The Internet's impact on India," McKinsey, March 2013, "Advertising in 2020: The demand for marketing on-demand," Chief Marketing & Sales Officer Forum, March 2013, "Capturing business value with social technologies," McKinsey Quarterly, November 2012, "Online and upcoming: The Internet's impact on aspiring countries," McKinsey Global Institute, January 2012, "The web's €100 billion surplus," McKinsey Quarterly, January 2011, "Consumers driving the digital uptake: The economic value of online advertising-based services for consumers," IAB Europe, September 2010, Managing media companies: Harnessing creative value, (with A. Aris), Wiley, 2010 (second edition).

Jacques has published many additional Quarterly articles and over 30 articles in leading international academic journals such as Management Science, the Review of Economics and Statistics, the Journal of Industrial Economics, and the Journal of the European Economic Association.

He is one of the principal authors of a very comprehensive study "Disruptive technologies: Advances that will transform life, business, and the global economy" released in May 2013.

Jacques holds a PhD in economics, operations research and strategy from the Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium), and a dual Masters in economics from University of Namur (Belgium) and University of Pennsylvania.



Adil Zainulbhai joined McKinsey in 1979 and spent 24 years in the United States before returning to Mumbai in 2004 to help grow the firm's presence in India. He is now chairman of their Indian offices.

Adil counsels the CEOs of many of India's largest companies in a range of industries, including infrastructure, metals and mining, financial services, and pharmaceuticals-and he has helped several such companies become global leaders. He has also helped leading multinational companies build large, profitable businesses in India.

Adil is also passionate about strengthening India's public sector and contributing to the nation's development. He works closely with senior government leaders to drive growth and raise living standards, strengthen key sectors of the economy, and improve education, health, and welfare. He has also helped several public-sector projects improve their efficiency and effectiveness.

In both his private and public-sector work, Adil develops long-term partnerships with his clients to deliver results and create true impact, while helping to build people's capabilities. He is deeply committed to developing leaders, both at client organisations and at McKinsey. He strives to ensure that we attract the best people from the best schools and provide them with an unrivalled learning experience.

Adil speaks regularly at key Indian and global forums, including those of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM), and the World Economic Forum.

He serves on the boards of numerous nonprofit organisations, including the American India Foundation, the CII National Council, Saifee Hospital, and Saifee Burhani Upliftment Trust, which is redeveloping Mumbai's Bhendi Bazaar. He serves on the advisory boards of the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, the Wockhardt Foundation, and the Health Management Research Institute, as well as on the global advisory board of the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago. He is president of the Harvard Business School Alumni Association, India.

Adil has some interesting Published work to his credit which includes "India as an agriculture and high value food powerhouse" April 2013 , "Fulfilling the promise of India's manufacturing sector," McKinsey, March 2012 , "Inclusive growth and financial security," McKinsey on Society, October 2010.

Adil very recently he was involved as the joint editor of the Book: "Reimagining India: Unlocking the Potential of Asia's Next Superpower" published in November 2013. Adil holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and is a graduate in Mechanical Engineering from IIT-Bombay.



Dr. Yuklea has held executive management positions at leading publicly traded hi-tech companies like Sapiens International Corp., Lannet Data Communications Ltd. and Fibronics Ltd.as well as at a series of technology start-ups such as XOsoft, Snapshield, OptoSTORAGE and Bacsoft and serves in the Board of Directors of several high-tech firms. He is an advisor to the Israeli National Economic Council, the Israeli Chief Scientist Office, the UNECE and to EUREKA -the EU Industrial R&D Network.

Dr. Yuklea is part of the Advisory Board of International Centre of Technology and Entrepreneurship - icreate, India.

Dr. Yuklea is an academic researcher and senior lecturer in the fields of Entrepreneurial Finance and Economics of Innovation at The Technion, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Tel Aviv University in Israel and a visiting professor at ORT University of Montevideo. He is intimately involved with the Bronica Center for Entrepreneurship Technion, Israel Institute of Technology.

Harry holds a MSEE from TUI, a MSM from Boston University and a PhD from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


PhD, CHIEF MENTOR, icreate

Dr. Madhukumar Mehta is an entrepreneur turned mentor for next generation Entrepreneurship is a founding team member of icreate and serves as its Chief Mentor. He is also the Chairman Emeritus of the first city based council of the National Innovation Council - Vadodara Innovation Council and in the past has founded two companies - Anjaleem Enterprises and Digital Innovations.

Dr. Madhukumar Mehta is an engineer from MS University (Baroda) and a PhD in Computer Science from USA and has played a pioneering role in the fields of Computers, Software and Telecom - both in domestic and exports sector, and is more known for developing and introducing the STD PCO machines in India.



Advisor: Zydus (Pharma), Jubilant Group (Energy).
Founding Curator – GSI @ World Economic Forum, Geneva.
Member Vibrant Gujarat Advisory Board 2011, 2013, 2015.

Founder & Chairman PanIIT Alumni-Gujarat. (Leading Tech Group, 15 Technology MoUs with Gov)
Awarded Top 100 Eminent Personalities of Gujarat by DB Group.
Advisory Board Member- several Univ & MBA programme.

Founder Gujarat Angels, Advisory Board Member CIIE@IIMA, NDBI@NID.

Agenda what? where? when?


08.45 AM – 09.30 AM

Registration & Breakfast

09.30 AM – 09.45 AM

Welcome Address

Sunil Parekh (Conference Convener)

09.45 AM – 11.15 AM

Download Presentation

12 Breakthrough Technologies & Entrepreneurship Opportunities

Jacques Bughin, McKinsey Global Institute

Download MGI Report

Amongst the plethora of new technology advances springing up at an unbelievably fast pace around the globe, there are a few that truly have the potential to be disruptive breakthroughs and provide unprecedented commercial opportunities in the form of new and/or improved products and services.

In this keynote, come learn about the 12 such disruptive technologies and their potential entrepreneurial applications identified by McKinsey Global Institute.

This keynote session would be delivered by Mr. Jacques Bughin, one of the lead editors of the comprehensive study "Disruptive technologies: Advances that will transform life, business, and the global economy" undertaken and published by McKinsey Global Institute in May 2013.

11.15 AM – 11.30 AM


11.30 AM – 12.45 PM

Download Presentation

Leveraging Technology for Accelerating Development of a Nation – Lessons from Israel & Cues for India

Dr. Harry Yuklea (Technion University & icreate Advisory Board Member)

It is becoming increasingly evident through world wide experience, that a large number of a nation's developmental issues can be effectively addressed through technological solutions - be it through products or services.

Israel offers exemplary lessons on how leveraging technology has enabled them address a number of developmental challenges very effectively. Examples range from areas like Agriculture, National Security, Energy, Transportation, Communication Networks, Healthcare, Education, and so on. A very well thought out and coordinated role of the Government – Academia – Industry (both; large companies as well as start-ups focusing on high-tech) has led to not only solving several critical national problems but has become a hot-bed of innovation and break-through technologies that several Global companies are benefiting from. Importantly, in this session you will get to appreciate how several concerted efforts make Israel a "Start- up Nation" with the third largest companies listed on Nasdaq.

Cues for India from the Israeli experience could potentially lead to leveraging a number of emerging technologies to address mass-impact challenging developmental needs even while generating rewarding innovative entrepreneurial opportunities for an aspiring and "changing" nation.

This Keynote would be delivered by Dr Harry Yuklea, Technion University, a Consultant to the National Economic Council, Prime Minister's office, State of Israel, and a member of the Advisory Board of icreate. He is also currently engaged with Jacobs Technion-Cornell Innovation Institute (JTCII) which offers "interdisciplinary dual degree programs in the applied information-based sciences". An academic and practitioner at once, Dr. Yuklea has been directly involved for the last 35 years in the remarkable build-up process of the Israeli high-tech sector - his career ranging from technology development and engineering to marketing, management, consulting and investment.

12.45 PM – 01.30 PM


01.30 PM – 03.00 PM


Dr. Madhukumar Mehta (Chief Mentor, icreate)

For those who wish to fully benefit from the morning sessions, "immersion" in the future of possibilities is an imperative and valuable next step.

This hour and a half long post-lunch session is therefore uniquely designed for the registered delegates to undertake a deeply engaging "immersion" exercise that would enable groups based on indicated personal interests, to deliberate on the 12 emerging technologies and spot EOs that they think hold futuristic entrepreneurial promise.

Registered delegates would be sent a copy of the executive summary of the MGI study in advance, that would help them appreciate the various domains and choose their preferred area with an alternative option.

The exercise would be preceded by a brief presentation by Dr. Madhukumar Mehta (Chief Mentor, icreate) who would outline the basic characteristics of what constitute the identification of potential EOs. He will also share a structure for the exercise and the desired outcomes.

03.00 PM – 03.15 PM


03.15 PM – 04.30 PM

Workshop Session - Consolidation of Learnings from the Immersion Exercise in the Future of Possibilities

Dr. Harry Yuklea (Technion University & icreate Advisory Board Member)

Following the Group brainstorming session, each team would make a presentation of up to 5 minutes that reflects the collective assimilation of trends and spotting of the potential EOs in their respective chosen technology domain.

This session would be moderated and enhanced by Dr. Harry Yuklea (Technion University & icreate Advisory Board Member) who would also share his observations of the learnings from the exercise and juxtapose it with some examples of emerging tech-entrepreneurial opportunities that are being initiated or brewing elsewhere in the world.

04.30 PM – 04.45 PM

Closing Address

Sunil Parekh (Conference Convenor) & Dr. Madhukumar Mehta (Chief Mentor, icreate)

Whatnext 2014 There is a year to go, but we are very excited about 'whatnext 2014'! Your suggestions will help us shape it. We would love to hear from you! Please take a minute to fill this out.

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